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linafiLimbe Nautical Arts and Fisheries Institute (LINAFI) is a tertiary fisheries and maritime institute created by a presidential decree No 2015/374 of 12 August 2015. The Institute is under the technical supervisory authority of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, the academic supervisory authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and the financial supervisory authority of the Ministry of Finance. The institute is opened to Cameroonians and foreigners of both sexes aged 18 to 25 years. Applicants seeking admission into LINAFI must be holder of the following certificates:

  • GCE A Level in at least two (2) science subjects
  • Baccalaureate C, D, E, F
  • Or any other equivalent certificate recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Entrance is through a competitive entrance examination for Nationals and this is written in August of each year. Admission for foreigners is through the study of files. Applicants must be physically and mentally fit to undergo the training.


Our primordial mission is to train professionals and encourage research to foster continuous improvement and development in the fisheries and maritime industry.




There are two training programmes: Initial training and continuous training


The initial training is a two-year programme that is sanctioned by the deliverance of a professional diploma.


The continuous training is on the job training of short duration. Workers in related industry can improve upon their skills and new recruits can acquire skills for continuous improvement. Upon completion, a certificate is issued which is co-signed by the Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries and the Director of the institute.


At present, the institute offers four (4) specialities:

  • Fishing;
  • Marine Engineering;
  • Fisheries Technology;
  • Aquaculture


The Industrial Fishing-Navigation and Marine Engineering students who wish to follow the professional career are expected to undergo 12-months of internship in their related speciality. This is to enable them acquire adequate field experience in order to obtain the certificate of competency as stipulated by IMO regulations. At the end of the 12-Months of internship, the Ministry of Transport (department of Merchant Marine) will issue this certificate of competency. They will work as third grade officers in ships not less than 3000KW.

Fisheries: LINAFI is training quality personnel that will navigate and command (Fishing, Merchant and passenger) vessels. They will also be equipped with appropriate methods and good fishing techniques in order to ensure sustainability of our marine resources.

The Marine Engineers are responsible for the maintenance of the machinery of the vessels. The electrical, nautical, and industrial equipment inclusive.

Trainees of the Fisheries Technology specialty are charged with the good hygienic practices of the harvested marine and agro-industrial products. They are responsible for the preservation, processing, transformation and the quality assurance of the harvested marine and agro industrial products.

Aquaculture students are equipped with modern techniques of fish farming with special emphasis on fish nutrition and reproduction.



Many opportunities do exist in the fisheries and maritime industry. Trainees will find jobs in fishing fleets, merchant vessels, passenger vessels and in the oil and gas industry.  The maintenance of vessels machineries, managers of seafood processing plants and the supply of able seamen to the maritime industry inclusive. Graduates could be self-employed.



  1. The Institute owns several workshops
  • Engines
  • Carpentry
  • Welding
  • Automatism
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Refrigeration
  • Fabrication
  • Navigation
  1. LINAFI has 3 Laboratories:
  • Quality control
  • Marine biology
  • Language
  1. There is a Sport complex
  2. Two Training vessels
  3. A restaurant
  4. Dormitories to accommodate 200 students
  5. Cold rooms
  6. Ice plant
  7. Infirmary



Our vision is to make LINAFI the Centre of Excellence by putting in place an effective and efficient system of training in a conducive environment. Equally, we shall establish cooperation ties with similar institutions worldwide.