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Organisation Profile

“Created by presidential decree No 2015/374 of 12 th august 2015, Limbe Nautical Arts and Fisheries Institute (LINAFI) is an Administrative Public Establishment of Higher Technical and Professional training in the various Fisheries and Nautical sciences domains. It is under the technical tutelage of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, academic tutelage of the Ministry of Higher Education and financial tutelage of the Ministry of Finance.

LINAFI offers both the initial and the continuous training programs. The initial training program is a two-year teaching program leading to a Higher Professional diploma in the following domains: Fisheries-Navigation, Marine Engineering, Fisheries technology, Fisheries Resource assessment and management and Aquaculture. The continuous or on the job training include any other specialized training that will enhance the professional awareness and output of personnel in the various fisheries and maritime domains.

Fisheries-Navigation: LINAFI is training quality personnel that will navigate and command (Fisheries, Merchant and passenger) vessels. They will also be equipped with appropriate methods and good fishing techniques in order to ensure sustainability of our marine resources.

The Marine Engineers are responsible for the maintenance of the machinery of the vessels. The electrical, nautical, and industrial equipment inclusive.

Trainees of the fisheries technology are charged with the good hygienic practices of the harvested marine products including the conservation, processing, transformation and the quality control of the harvested products.

Graduates of Fisheries resources assessment and management will be equipped with skills in order to evaluate our stocks and propose good management practices and decisions to policies makers. They will be part of a pool of researchers equipped with deep-sea diving skills to ease the identification and characterization of unknown marine species of commercial interest.

Aquaculture graduates will be groomed with modern techniques of fish farming with special emphasis on the domain of fish reproduction and nutrition.



The Main campus in Wovia, Limbe


LINAFI primordial objective is to boost domestic fish production by training key actors that will sustainably exploit and manage our declining capture fisheries on the one hand while encouraging the farming of fish through aquaculture on the other hand. Besides, the training of able seamen and other personnel to be deploy in various maritime industries are not left out.